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Seeking a Dependable, Efficient Specialty Chemical Supplier for Bulk or Semi-Bulk Quantities? End Your Search at South Chem Trading! We proudly build our legacy on a foundation of customer satisfaction and success, driving our global distribution of premium chemicals.

We provide various chemicals in various grades, including ACS, reagent, USP, and NF, each sourced directly from respected manufacturers and rigorously tested to ensure absolute purity and potency. Our vast product selection and specialized expertise make us your first choice for technical and laboratory-grade chemicals.

We understand the importance of product quality and consistency for your business’s success and commit to delivering customized packaging solutions to meet your unique needs. Our reliable and secure transportation guarantees that your products arrive pristine wherever you are.

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Here are a few of the industries we serve: food and beverage, agricultural chemicals, oil and gas, mining chemicals, water treatment,  cosmetics & personal care (soaps and detergents, for example), agriculture,plating /manufacturing, fire retardants, laboratory chemicals, and paints and coatings. That’s just the start. If your company has chemical needs, we have you covered. .

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South Chemicals distinguishes itself with fast, reliable service for a wide variety of markets. We work closely with businesses looking for bulk chemical supplies or specialty chemicals produced both domestically and internationally.

Nitric Acid

Molecular Formula: HNO3


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Sulphuric Acid