Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kg
Grade Standard Industrial Grade
State Solid
Packaging Size 25/50kg
Physical State Solid
Form of Chemicals Solid
Color White Crystal
Molecular Formula CuO
Molecular Weight 79.55
Boiling Point 1326
Packing Bag
Packaging Type Packet
Appearance Black fine free powder
Einecs-No 215-269-1
Cas-No 1317-38-0


Cupric oxide

Specifications of Cupric oxide

Synonyms: Black Copper Oxide, C.i. 77403, Copper(+2)oxide, Copper Brown, Copper(ii) Oxide, Copper(ii) Oxide, Black, Copper(ii) Oxide On Alumina, Copper Monoxide, Copper Oxide, Copper Oxide Black Cupric (ii) Oxide Cupric Oxide, Cupric Oxide, Black, Pigment black 15, Banacobru OL, C.I. Pigment Black 15, Chrome Brown, Copper monoxide, Copper oxide (CuO), Copperoxide(CuO)

CAS: 1317-38-0

Molecular Formula: CuO

Molecular Weight: 79.55

EINECS: 215-269-1

Appearance: Black fine free powder

mp: 1326 °C

bp: 96-98 °C(lit.)

density: 6.315

form: powder

Stability: Stable.

Water Solubility: insoluble

Stability: Stable.

Fp: 68 °F

Cupric Oxide Powder

Cas no. 1317-38-0
CuO M.W. 79.55
Minimum assay ( by iodometry ) 99%
Maximum Limits of Impurities.
Substances insoluble 0.02%
in nitric acid passes test
Free alkali 0.005%
Chloride ( CI ) 0.01%
Total sulphur ( as SO4) 0.01%
Total nitrogen ( N ) 0.002%
Lead ( Pb ) 0.05%
Iron ( Fe ) 0.05%
Substances not precipitated
by H2 S ( as sulphate ) 0.02%


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