Description:Gellan Gum is a kind of extra cellular polysaccharide excreted by microorganism Pseudomonas elodea.It is a linear structure with a repeating unit of tetrasaccharide.As emulsifier,suspension agent,thickener,stabilizer, gelling agent, tissue culture medium,film former and lubricant,gellan gum has been widely used in over 20 fileds, such as food, cosmetics, detergent, ceramics, petroleum exploration and coating for chemical industry, it is considered as one of the most advanced food additive in the world. Applications of Gellan Gum: Pharmaceutical Industry: Eyedrops;Soft or hard capcule;Coating. Cosmetics: Personal tending products;Perfume. Chemical industry:Coating;Gelling agents;Toothpaste. Agriculture:Fertilizer gels. Others:Car Air Fresheners;Microorganism;Plant Culture Medium, etc


Appearance Off-white powder
Purity(CO2 yielding) 3.3%-6.8%
Loss on drying(105℃,2.5hours 15% Max
Transmittance 80% Min
Gel Strength 900g/cm2 Min
Ash 12% Max
Isopropyl alcohol 750 mg/kg Max
PH 6.0-8.0
Lead(Pb) 2mg/kg Max
Arsenic (As) 3mg/kg Max
Mercury(Hg) 1mg/kg Max
Cadmium(Cd) 1mg/kg Max
Heavy metals 20mg/kg Max
Total plate count 10000cfu/g Max
Mould & Yeast 400cfu/g Max
Salmonella Spp./10g Negative
E.coli/5g Negative
Particle Size Min 95% Pass 80mesh



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