Hydroxy Propyl Guar Gum is a new type of low damage fracturing fluid thickener by chemical modification of guar gum, it has high viscosity, low residue, good water solubility, water and water insoluble matter which is low in oil field fracturing, damage to the sandstone reservoir is small, the rheological properties of easy control, easily from the formation of flowback, etc, mainly used as water base fracturing fluid in the oil gas well hydraulic fracturing and pre liquid in acidizing treatment, it is necessary product in high temperature deep well and low permeability reservoir fracturing thickening. Applications Hydroxy Propyl Guar Gum fracturing fluid is a kind of low damage fracturing fluid, suitable for low permeability of 30 degrees ~150 degrees of oilfield fracturing technology. Widely used in oil field fracturing, sand control, water shutoff operations.

Appearance A white to yellowish-white, nearly odourless powder
Galactomannans >= 80%
Viscosity (1%, 2h, Brookfield DVII, #4 spindle, 20rpm) >= 5500 mPa.s
Viscosity(1%, 24h, Brookfield DVII, #4 spindle, 20rpm) Min 300 mPa.s higher than viscosity recorded in 2 hours
Particle Size 95% Pass 200 Mesh
pH 5.5- 7.0
Moisture 12% Max
Protein 5% Max
Starch Passes test
Acid-Insoluble Residue 2.5% Max
Ash 0.8% Max
E.Coli/ 5g Negative
Salmonella/ 10g Negative
Mould & Yeast =< 200 cfu/ g
Total Plate Count =< 1000 cfu/ g


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