Sodium Diacetate



Sodium Diacetate is a molecular compound of acetic acid and sodium acetate. According to a patent, free acetic acid is built into the crystal lattice of neutral sodium acetate. The acid is firmly held as is evident from the negligible odor of the product. In solution it is split off into its constituents acetic acid and sodium acetate. As a buffering agent, sodium diacetate is applied in meat products to control their acidity. Apart from that, sodium diacetate inhibits the growth of various microorganisms usually found in meat products, thus it can be used as a preservative and safeguard for food safety and shelf life extension. Moreover, sodium diacetate can be used as a flavoring agent, applied as a powdered seasoning, to impart a vinegar taste to meat products.

Item Specification
Appearance White, hygroscopic crystalline solid with an acetic odour
Free Acetic Acid (%) 39.0- 41.0
Sodium Acetate (%) 58.0- 60.0
Moisture (Karl Fischer method, %) 2.0 Max
pH (10% Solution) 4.5- 5.0
Formic acid, formates andother oxidizable (as formic acid)  =< 1000 mg/ kg
Particle Size Min 80% Pass 60 mesh
Arsenic (As) =< 3 mg/ kg
Lead (Pb) =< 5 mg/ kg
Mercury (Hg) =< 1 mg/ kg
Heavy Metal (as Pb) 0.001% Max



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