Product Details:

Grade Standard Industrial Grade
Packaging Type Drum
State of Matter Liquid, Granular
Physical State Liquid
Form of Chemicals Liquid
Packaging Size 25/ 50 kg
CAS Number 3360-41-6
Color Transparent
Molecular Formula C6H5(CH2)4OH
Boiling Point 140
Appearance Clear,Colourless Liquid


4-Phenyl 1-Butanol

Specifications of4-Phenyl 1-Butanol

CAS number : 3360-41-6

Appearance : Clear, Colourless Liquid

Molecular formula : C6H5(CH2)4OH

Molar mass : 150.218 g/mol

Density : 0.970 g/cc

Boiling point : 140°C/14mm Hg

Flash Point : 110°C

Purity : 98.0% minimum

Moisture : 0.3% max


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