Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kilogram
Einecs-No 240-778-0
Packing Bag
Cas-No 16721-80-5
Melting Point (Degree Celsius) 55
Flash Point (Degree Celsius) 99
Solubility Insoluble in water
Molecular Formula HNaS
Functions Lubricants
Categories Agrichemicals


Sodium hydrosulfide

Specifications of Sodium hydrosulfide

CAS: 16721-80-5

Synonyms: SODIUM BISULFIDE, SODIUM HYDROGEN SULFIDE, SODIUM HYDROGEN SULPHIDE, SODIUM HYDROSULFIDE, SODIUM SULFHYDRATE, Hidrosulfurosodics, hydrogenosulfuredesodium (french), hydrogenosulfuredesodium,anhydre, hydrogenosulfuredesodium, dehydrate, hydrogensodiumsulfide, sodiumhydrogensulfide(nahs), sodiumhydrosulfide(na(hs)), sodiumhydrosulfide,anhydrous, sodiumhydrosulfide, dehydrate, sodiumhydrosulfide, solid sodiumhydrosulfide,solid,withlessthan25%waterofcrystallization, sodiumhydrosulfide, solution, sodiumhydrosulfide,withnotlessthan25%waterofcrystallization, sodiumhydrosulphide, sodiummercaptan

EINECS: 240-778-0

Molecular Formula: HNaS

Molecular Weight: 56.06

Appearance: white crystals or powder with a very unpleasant smell

density: 1,79 g/cm3

Fp: 90°C

mp : 55°C

Stability: Stable.

Water Solubility: 620 g/L (20 ºC)

Applications and Functions

  • Mining Industry:
    NaHS plays a crucial role in mineral processing, particularly in copper, lead, and zinc flotation.
    It acts as a sulfidizing agent, aiding in the separation of valuable minerals from gangue.
    Our high-quality NaHS ensures efficient ore recovery and improved concentrate grades.
  • Agrichemicals:
    NaHS finds applications in soil treatments and crop protection.
    It enhances nutrient availability and promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Lubricants:
    NaHS serves as an additive in lubricating oils, enhancing their performance.
    It reduces friction and wear, extending machinery lifespan.


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