Hs Code:2915110000

CAS NO.:64-18-6
Chemical Formula:CH2O2
Appearance: Colorless


Formic acid is colorless transparent liquid with strong irritating smell, and it is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, leather industry, printing and dyeing industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, steel industry, paper industry, pesticide industry, food industry, poultry industry etc.

(1) Medicine industry: caffeine, analgin, aminopyrine, aminophylline, cacaine, borneol, vitamin B1 Danizol, Mebendacin.

(2) Pesticides industry: Acizol, triadimefon, tricyclazole, phentriazophos, paclobutrazol, sumiseven, chlordimeform, dicofol, etc.

(3) Chemical industry: calcium formate, sodium formate, potassium formate, ethyl formate, barium formate, dimethylformamide, carboxamide, rubber protectant, pentaerythrite, neopentyl glycol, epoxidized soybean oil, chlorine pivaloyl, paint remover, bakelite, pickled plate, etc.

(4) Leather industry: leather tanning agent, deliming agent, and neutralizer.

(5) Rubber industry: natural rubber polycoagulant.

(6)Other: it may also be used for making printing mordant, fiber and paper staining agent, processing agent, plasticizing agent, food antistaling agent, animal fodder additive, etc.

Packing details:
35kgs,250kgs plastic drum, IBC DRUM ,  ISO TANK or as the customer’s request


Index Specification Result
FORMICACID,% ≥85 85.28
CHLORIDE(ASCL_),% ≤0.02 0.003
SULPHATE(ASSO42_),% ≤0.05 0.002
TRON(AXFE3+),% ≤0.001 0.00001
NON-VOLATILE,% ≤0.05 0.05
APPEARANCE Colorless liquid Passed


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