Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kg
State of Matter Solid
Physical State solid
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Water Solubility (Gram/Litre) 320
Boiling Point (Degree Celsius) 100
Melting Point (Degree Celsius) 334
Form Solid
Packaging Size 25kg
Usage/Application Industrial

Potassium nitrate

Classification Potassium Fertilizer
Type Potassium nitrate
CAS No. 7757-79-1
Other Names potassium fertilizer
EINECS No. 7757-79-1
State Powder
Purity 99.8%
Application fertilizer and fireworks
white powder or granular
Molecular Formula KNO3
Molecular Weight 101.10

Use It is mainly applied in TV kinescope glass, glass refining agent and motor light glass; compound fertilizer and foliar spray fertilizer for crop and flower; fireworks to produce purple flame and black powder in mine, ignition wire and firecracker; drugs as penicillian potassium salt in medicine industry and catalyzer; ceramic and enamel; salt bath of heat treatment, cigarette paper, concentrating agent; conservatives in salted meat and chromogen in Food industry, etc.

Packing Plastic woven bag or kraft paper bag inner with plastic bag in 20/25/50/500/ 1000kg net.


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